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As Florida Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers, we have an extensive history of representing individuals in matters of serious injury and accidental death. Trial work requires specialized knowledge and training as each case has its own set of facts and circumstances that must be evaluated by gathering evidence, re-constructing the accident scene, reviewing medical records, substantiating the extent of the injury, proving economic losses, etc.

The following is a sampling of cases we have brought to conclusion for our clients:


Boating Accident Case – WILLIAM BASS, as a parent and guardian of JOSHUA BASS, a minor Plaintiff v. MARTY L. INGRAM, and individual CASE NO. 08-468CA in the Circuit court in and for Jackson County, Florida.

Young Joshua Bass was swimming in a large lake used by both swimmers and boaters. Joshua’s right leg was severed just below the knee when a boat pulling a skier struck Joshua while he was swimming with friends and family near the shoreline. As a result of the accident Joshua lost his right leg.

Settled pursuant to a confidentiality agreement.


Firework Explosion Injury – BOBBY G. LONG, JR., individually, and as parent and natural guardian of BOBY G. LONG III, a minor, Plaintiff v. Daniel Middleton, a minor, CASE NO. 2008-CA-002468 in the Circuit Court in and for Escambia County, Florida.

Fifteen year old Bobby Long went camping overnight near his home with several other friends. During the early morning hours following an uneventful night, one of the other campers threw a full CO₂ cartridge into the campfire. The cartridge exploded causing Bobby serious facial injuries and resulting in the loss of his vision in one eye.

Settled after trial and appeal, pursuant to a confidentiality agreement.


Motor Vehicle Accident – CACHET CICERO v. Horace Mann Insurance Company, CASE NO. 2010 CA 000806 in the Circuit Court in and for Escambia County.

While Cachet was driving down Sorrento Road, a woman made an illegal U-turn and hit Cachet. The impact was so violent Cachet broke multiple bones in both of her feet and ankles. Cachet lived with her parents who had uninsured motorist coverage with Horace Mann Insurance company. Horace Mann wrongfully refused coverage to Cachet.

Suit was filed and the case settled under a confidentiality agreement. A separate legal malpractice case against Horace Mann’s defense counsel has now been filed in Federal court.


Motorcycle Accident – CHARLES BRITTON v. Timothy Shriver, et al, CASE NO. 2013 CA 001247 in the Circuit Court in and for Escambia County.

Timothy Bryant Shiver from Alabama was drunk and driving his Pensacola girlfriend’s car. Mr. Shiver rear-ended Charles who was on his motorcycle. As Charles lay in the middle of 9th Avenue with injuries to both ankles that required surgery, Mr. Shiver fled the scene. He was eventually arrested and tried.

Suit was filed and the case settled under a confidentiality agreement.


Premises Liability – CONNIE SANDERS, as Plenary Guardian of RANDALL RYMAN v. Corrections Corporation of America, CASE NO. 2004-CA-2683 in the Circuit Court in and for Bay County.

Randall was taken into custody by the Panama City Beach police department because he was riding his bicycle while intoxicated. While incarcerated, he suffered closed head injuries and a broken nose and went into renal failure and alcohol withdrawal. Randall is now brain damaged and incapable of living independently. Suit was filed against Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a private entity which ran the Bay County jail. We alleged that CCA failed in their obligation to have care custody and control of Randall in allowing him to go through full blown alcohol withdrawal and detoxification while locked in jail. Basically CCA ignored or forgot about Randall which resulted in his lifelong injuries. After the trial judge granted our motion to seek punitive damages against CCA.

The case settled under a confidentiality agreement.