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Premises liability cases – In Florida, “premises liability” means that a person or a business in control of a particular area has the responsibility of keeping the area free from dangerous conditions that it knows of or should know of. If a potentially dangerous condition exists, then the person or business needs to warn others that a dangerous condition is present, and correct the condition as soon as reasonably possible. The duties to correct and warn are separate and distinct.

The most common scenario for this type of case is where someone slips and falls because of a substance on the floor. The property owner’s duty is to maintain the property in a “reasonably safe” condition, and to warn customers, and correct dangerous conditions the owner knows of, or should have known of through reasonable inspection. Most premises liability cases hinge on whether the dangerous condition existed for such a length of time that the business owner should have realized the dangerous condition was there.

Slip and fall and trip and fall injuries can and do cause serious injuries, including broken arms, legs, and hips. These injuries can be permanent and life-changing. Over the past four decades, our firm has handled hundreds of premises liability cases.

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