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premises liability personal injury accident

Premises liability is sometimes referred to as “slip-and-fall” or “trip-and-fall” accidents. It is an accident that causes personal injury due to unsafe or defective conditions while on someone else’s property. Many times these accidents are trivialized in popular culture, but, over the last 35 years, the lawyers at Kerrigan Estess Rankin McLeod & Thompson have represented clients who have experienced very serious injuries as the result of a simple fall on a wet floor to a child who was viciously attacked and scarred by an unrestrained dog.

Property owners, landlords, amusement park operators and even individual dog owners have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions for everyone. When that responsibility is forgotten or ignored, serious accidents with injuries can and do happen.

Since our law firm is located in the heart of the Northwest Florida tourist area (Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Panama City and Port St. Joe), we see a lot of serious injuries caused by the carelessness of landlords, condo property owners and hotels that invite tourists to spend their vacation time on or in their property. Unfortunately, many of our clients are just visiting Florida and are injured while on vacation. If you are injured and are not a Florida resident, you need the best local legal representation you can find. All of our Florida Bar Board Certified premises liability attorneys live and work right here in Northwest Florida and have done so for over 35 years.

If you have suffered a serious personal injury as the result of an unsafe or hazardous condition, call our premises liability lawyers at 850-444-4444. Don’t put it off. Once an accident occurs, the legal clock starts ticking and you have a limited amount of time to file a claim.

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