Boating Accidents

Florida leads the nation in the number of registered recreational vessels. Recreational boating accidents are second only to automobile accidents in transportation related causes of injury. Many of these accidents are the result of someone’s negligence — driver inattention, excessive speed, driver inexperience, reckless or careless operation, machinery failure, and alcohol are often factors in these type accidents.

Usually, the law of the state where the accident occurs applies; however, when injuries and deaths occur in “navigable waterways” federal admiralty law also applies, often controlling over Florida’s laws. Additionally, experts in such areas as boating rules and regulations, design and maintenance are required to help jurors understand the applicable laws and standards.

Because we focus our law practice on representing families of seriously injured or negligently killed individuals, our boating accident lawyers are able to quickly and effectively represent our clients. When it comes to water related accidents, we know the law and have the prior experience necessary. In 2002, Kerrigan Estess Rankin McLeod & Thompson obtained an $8.3 million dollar jury verdict for the parents of two teenaged children negligently killed by a high performance boater while they were riding a jet ski.

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Boating accidents resulting in injuries involve a different set of laws called maritime laws.

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